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10 Hot Tips for Raynaud's

For many Raynaud’s sufferers, winter can often be a dreaded time of the year. It is when the biting cold can lead to such debilitating discomfort and pain that even the simplest of tasks can become a chore. Here are the top 10 tips that Raynaud's sufferers find most useful.

Hot Tip #1

When a flare starts, run warm water over your fingers and toes until skin color returns to normal.

Hot Tip #2

To keep your skin from cracking, moisturize your hands and feet every day.

Hot Tip #3

When your hands or feet start to feel cold, wiggle your fingers and toes, move your arms and legs to get blood flowing, or put your hands under your armpits to warm them up.

Hot Tip #4

Smoking is not only bad for your lungs and general health, it's also bad for Raynaud's as smoking constricts the blood vessels that feed the hands and feet.

Hot Tip #5

Heat up your socks and gloves before you put them on. You can use a blow dryer or place them near the air vent where the heat comes out.

Hot Tip #6

When preparing food, keep a tub of warm water on the side and toss the cold veggies in there to warm up before peeling or cutting.

Hot Tip #7

Use cutlery with plastic or wooden handles instead of metalic ones.

Hot Tip #8

Bring your own warm drink with you to restaurants to avoid being served iced water.

Hot Tip #9

Use a dehumidifier in the bathroom instead of an exhaust fan. This will keep the bathroom dry without losing any heat.

Hot Tip #10

If all else fails, moving to the tropics may be a good idea!


A selection of items to keep you warm

In an effort to provide the best and most useful products for Raynaud’s sufferers, we have a range of products that we hope you’ll find helpful. Of course, they can all be appreciated by anyone who has perpetually cold hands in winter.


EnergyFlux Hand Warmer / Battery Pack

The EnergyFlux is a rechargeable hand warmer that provides comfortable wrap-around heat to keep your hands from freezing up when out in the cold. Our range of EnergyFlux hand warmers allows you to pick the one that suits your needs the most depending on your needs: size, shape, color, added flashlight function, battery life, etc.

Hot Tip! Turn on the hand warmer and keep them in your hands before heading out into the cold. This will give your hands no opportunity to get cold.


WarmSpot Heated Desk Pad / Foot Mat

This is the perfect desk pad to have at your desk while working in a cold office. Like many people, your hands probably get especially cold when typing or writing. Typing with gloves can be quite clumsy and swapping hands to sit on while typing with the other isn’t exactly good for productivity either. With WarmSpot positioned between your and the keyboard, it will keep your body and arms warm, and in turn prevent the fingers from going cold and stiff.

Hot Tip! Turn the desk mat up to high heat first so it can warm up faster. When you start to feel comfortable or too warm, the heat can be turned down.

Hot Tip! Hard smooth surfaces like to absorb heat, hence to stop the mat from heating your desk up before it starts giving you warmth, put a placemat in between WarmSpot and your desk.


WarmTracks Heated Mouse

When it comes to some types of work (or fun) on the computer, keeping the mousing hand nimble is very important. With two heat settings, WarmTracks can be switched on to provide soothing and constant heat to your mousing hand.

Hot Tip! It doesn't take long for the mouse to heat up, but it doesn't hurt to start off with high heat, then switch it to low when you're comfortable.


Chill-Away Warm Toilet Seat Cover

Not having to sit on an icy toilet seat especially during midnight runs is most welcomed by any sane person. For many, a simple way to remedy such nighttime horror is to use your trusty pair of hands as the seat warmer. However, this would not be an option for those trying to avoid an episode of Raynaud’s. Hence, Chill-Away serves as the ideal way to keep your bum and hands safely warm.

Hot Tip! Criss cross the straps at the back to minimize the uncovered part at the back of the toilet seat.

Why do we care about Raynaud’s?

Human Creation’s range of winter warming products initially started with the EnergyFlux as a way to keep cold hands at bay during winter. However, it was not long before we discovered a special group of people who appreciate these hand warmers more than the rest. This is how we came to know about Raynaud’s.


Since our mission at Human Creations is to find functional and eco-friendly products to help improve the lives of others, being able to provide relief to Raynaud’s sufferers is something we couldn’t be more proud of.