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Chill-Away Button-Up Warm, Soft & Comfy Toilet Seat Cover (w/ Stainless Buckles) - Ocean Blue


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  • Convenient stainless buttons for easy installation and removal
  • Warm and comfy: say goodbye to ice cold toilet seats that send shivers down your spine
  • Machine washable and easy to remove for regular washing
  • Fits snugly to your toilet seat and won't slide around with the help of end hooks
  • Stretches to fit a large range of toilet seat shapes and sizes.


Button Up to Send the Chills Away

Cover up and have bum-cuddling warmth with Chill-Away's nicely fitted warm toilet seat cover. Chill-Away's button up toilet seat cover combines three key elements that make it stand out from traditional toilet seat covers with plastic tubing. Its extra stretchability, stainless snap-on buttons, and end-hooks that provide security makes Chill-Away more adaptable to toilet seats of different shapes and sizes.

Stainless Buttons:

Chill-Away uses stainless snap-on buttons to fasten the cover around the toilet seat. Its ideally designed installation and removal method allows you to wash the warm toilet seat cover regularly, allowing you to keep your toilet clean at all times.

Stretchy Fabric:

With its ability to stretch in all directions, the cover can be stretched and shaped to toilet seats of various shapes and sizes; be it round, elongated, squared, etc.

End-Hooks for Added Security:

With the use of end-hooks, the warm cover can be secured at the base of the toilet seat so it won't slide around.


- Due to computer screen variations, the actual colors of the Chill-Away toilet seat covers may differ from what you see on your computer.