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EnergyFlux Slim 4400mAh Rechargeable Double-Sided Hand Warmer / USB External Battery Pack - Metallic Green


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  • Warms on both sides of the unit to keep hands toasty
  • Two temperature settings:109F (approx. 5 hrs) and 120F (approx. 4 hrs) when in room temperature.
  • Charges digital products, including mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, etc.
  • Rechargeable 4400mAh lithium-ion battery lasts up to 500 recharges
  • Charges via USB


The EnergyFlux Slim provides everything you've come to expect from the original EnergyFlux, keeping your hands warm and toasty at all times AND never letting your phone or other mobile devices run out of battery. With wrap-around aluminum casing, EnergyFlux Slim will provide even heat throughout the unit to keep both your palms and fingers warm at the same time.

Not only is EnergyFlux Slim ideal for winter, it can also serve you all year round as a backup battery. EnergyFlux Slim can charge digital products up to 5 times (depending on battery size of device being charged) before its own power is depleted, making it convenient for occasions when power sockets aren't easily accessible.

What's New?

With a slimmer but longer body, EnergyFlux Slim allows for a comfortable grip with more contact for those with wider palms. You could even keep one inside your hand muff to stay warm and toasting when out in the freezing cold.

Additionally, to simplify things, EnergyFlux Slim now comes with one less charging chord. To charge your digital device, just plug the USB charging cable provided with your device straight into EnergyFlux Slim. And, when you need to add more juice into EnergyFlux Slim, use the USB cable provided to plug it into your computer or USB adpater.


- It may take a little time for EnergyFlux Slim to heat up after being left out in the cold.

- Heating times are extended by using any form of insulation (e.g. placing it in your gloves, pockets or scarf).

- If the color you want does not appear to be available for sale, please contact us to ask for an email notice once we have it back in stock.

Packaging Contents:

- Hand warmer (4.2 x 1.7 x 1 inches, 4.6oz)
- Micro B USB to USB cable to charge the hand warmer
- Pouch
- User manual



The EnergyFlux Slim 4400mAh is covered by a one-year warranty, from the day of purchase. Full or partial replacements are available for any defective product still under warranty (excluding that of which resulting from misuse or other unforeseeable external circumstances); full or partial refunds may be available conditionally. Cost of return shipping past the first month of purchase is not reimbursable. For more information, please refer to the FAQ page.