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OBD-II Automotive HUD Head Up Display Speedometer with RPM, Voltage, Temperature


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  • Easily installed using your car's OBD-II port
  • Projects vehicle speed, engine RPM, battery voltage, coolant temperature onto windshield
  • Three level automatic brightness adjustment according to ambient light level
  • Warning settings available for all 4 monitored parameters
  • Adjustable mounting bracket lets you set the unit at any desired angle


Keep your eyes on the road

At 65 mph, looking down for one second to check the dashboard means driving blind for 95 feet. Many accidents occur when a driver glances down and fails to see sudden traffic changes ahead. Now you can drive more safely with this Head Up Display.

Stay informed

To stay informed of your driving speed and car's condition, warning alerts can be set up so that when the preset figure is exceeded, a visual indicator lights up and an optional alarm beeps. 

Know your true speed

To keep average drivers from speeding, car manufacturers often inflate readings on the speedometer. The OBD-II HUD can show you the actual speed as calcualted by the car's computer, without artificial inflation.

Is your car OBD-II?

The OBD-II specification was made mandatory for all cars sold in the US since 1996; and as of 2008, all cars sold in the US follow the ISO 15765-4 signaling standard. This OBD-II HUD is compatible with most cars made after 2007.


Power Requirement : 10 to 16 V DC
Max. Current Consumption: 380 mA (typically 200 mA at 12 V DC)
Operating Temperature: -22 ºF to 176 ºF (-30 ºC to 80 ºC)
Storage Temperature:

-40 ºF to 176 ºF (-40 ºC to 80 ºC)


  • Some cars do not shut off the OBD-II port with the ignition. To power off the HUD in these cars, disconnect the unit from the OBD-II port.
  • Aftermarket modifications such as tire or wheel size alternation or changes in differential gearing will throw off the speed calculated by the car's computer.
  • Additional display films can be found on Search for "Display Film for Vehicle Head-Up Displays".
  • HUDs are designed to be displayed on the windshield and cannot be read directly from the unit.

Packaging Contents:

  • HUD unit
  • HUD connector
  • OBD-II converter
  • OBD-II connector
  • Display film
  • User manual