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WarmSpot Mini Heated Desk Pad / Foot Warmer - 20 x 10" - Brown


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  • Adjustable heat: low (approx.97F) and high (approx. 104F)
  • Wide heating area that heats up evenly within 5 mins
  • Low energy comsumption: just 60 Watts
  • Smooth, odorless, waterproof PU surface (no use of rubber that can lead to unpleasant smells)
  • Keeps your fingers comfortable and dexterous to improve work performance


Say goodbye to stiff frozen fingers

Keep your extremities warm and toasty with the help of WarmSpot. Use it as a desk pad to keep your hands and upper body warm while you work away at your desk or use it as an indoor foot warmer by placing it on the floor to warm up your feet.

Save energy while keeping warm

Providing even heat across the entire pad, WarmSpot can give direct heat to where you need it most without being too hot to the touch. With just 60 watts of power consumption, you'll be able to save on your heating bills while getting the much needed extra warmth where it counts most.

Easy to clean and store

With a waterproof surface and flexible PU material, WarmSpot can be easily cleaned with a quick wipe-down and rolled up for storage.



Switch: Off / Low (97F) / High (104F)

Input: 110VAC, 50/60 Hz

Output: 24VAC 2.5A

Power: 60 Watts

Material: PU mat


  • Due to display variations, actual colors of the product may differ from what is seen on your computer screen.

  • Temperatures may differ depending on the surface in which WarmSpot is placed on.

  • This pad is not designed for use in bed or for placing on glass surfaces.

  • To prevent overheating and damage, digital devices should not be placed on WarmSpot.

  • WarmSpot comes in two sizes, Standard (24 x 14”) and Mini (20 x 10”). Search for WarmSpot to see all your options.


Package Contents:

main unit (20 x 10”, 10 oz), 110V adapter, manual